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Design of customized hydraulic systems

The design service offered by General Fluidi aims to offer highly technical and customized hydraulic systems as regards both the design of the machine cycle and the choice of materials, obtaining the best ratio between performance and cost of the machinery.

Working on specific requirements in both the design of mechanical movements and the choice of materials, General Fluidi aims to offer solutions designed to make the machine cycle more efficient in terms of hydraulics and energy consumption, with the goal of minimizing waste and creating an effective and affordable product.

Research, development and innovation

General Fluids bases a significant part of its competitiveness on Research & Development area. The goal is to meet the challenge of the global market by focusing on offering customers a high-performance product designed on their specific demands.

Company growth is based, therefore, on a broad concept of quality, understood as the result of constant investment in technology, machinery and training. It is thanks to such investments that General Fluidi is able to offer excellent products at the best possible cost.

Research & Development | General Fluidi
Progettazione Impianti | General Fluidi

A single reference for all phases

The company's long experience in the hydraulic industry allows it to offer a comprehensive service and act as an all-round partner and single point of contact, taking care of every stage of the supply chain, from analysis of specific needs to design.

Each product is tested in house and, where necessary, also in its final context of use. General Fluidi also offers pre-start-up assistance, in Italy or abroad, in order to guarantee reliable results, and always provides the release of the necessary certifications. Each customer is provided with extensive manuals to accompany any and further customized after-sales assistance.

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Intervention areas

Construction, energetic, shipbuilding, tanning, iron metallurgy, marble processing, food processing, wood machinery, paper mill machinery, automotive industry, waste treatment and disposal, textile machinery, agricultural and earthmoving machinery, plastics and rubber machinery, chip removal machine tools, forming and cutting machines, sheet metal processing lines.

Automotive industry

Energetic area

Construction area


Iron metallurgy area

Marble processing

Wood machinery

Paper mill machinery

Waste treatment and disposal

Agricultural and earthmoving machinery

Plastics and rubber machinery

Textile machinery

Sheet metal processing lines

Forming and cutting machines

Chip removal machine tools


Food processing

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